Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week In Photos No. 12

work time - sales are very interesting / spend most of the week trying to finish off my assignments for uni / really wish the weather would get better, poor feet were freezing / I have an obsession with new shirts / sneak peak for the new up coming post / cheeky lil selfie / weekend has finally arrived - love my friends and weekends with them / love receiving stuff through post / flaming absinthe shots. 

How was your week ? 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Look


As you can probably already tell (if you're a regular reader) my blog has went through a transformation. Thanks to Designbyte (check out his Facebook here) who has kindly offered to help me and created my new blog design.
 He's a really helpful and talented man with a lot of ideas who will transform your blog and design everything just
 like you want.  Therefore if you have any questions, your're sick and tired of your current blog design and you'd 
like a change get in touch with Designbyte on Facebook. I'm sure he will be more than happy to help you.

A little bit more about the new functions:

Shop - Here, from time to time you will find some of my items for sale. For example jeans, t-shirts, shirt etc. for a really cheap price. Currently I don't have any items on sale. If I will have anything on sale I will first write a post informing you all about the sale with pictures and prices for the items.

Blogroll - This section is currently under construction and it will be available soon. In blogroll I will include all the blogs that I really like and enjoy reading as well as blog which I believe that need more attention. 

Button Swap - Button swap is the chance for all of you to appear on my blog. The purpose of this section is to help other readers find out more blogs and help each other in our bloggers society. It's totally free so if you want your blog to appear in the Button Swap email me:

Advertising - In this section, other bloggers and companies can advertise their sites for some, very small payment. All the money received will go towards the growth of my blog / products / equipment to you all so you can enjoy and get the most of my blog.

Hope you're all good and watch out for upcoming and exciting posts :)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week In Photos No. 11

Joes Essex tweeted me - so happy / love my high top converse with rolled up jeans / shopping / quick OOTD love this cardigan from Zara / playing about with iMadeFace app / bored and tired in uni - so productive / trying out Joey Essex's hair products - Review soon / fashion quote - lately i realized that all the quotes that I read they help me stay motivated and do what I really love / car shopping - chilling in Honda. 

How was your week? What were you up to? 

Let me know in the comments  :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Styler #1

Sweatshirt - River Island (Buy Here)
Jeans - River Island (Buy Here)
Converse - Office (Buy Here)

Vest - TopMan (Buy Here)
Joggers - TopMan (Buy Here)
Air Max - Office (Buy Here)

Tee - TopMan (Buy Here)
Jeans - River Island (Buy Here)
Vans - Office (Buy Here)

Holla everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all well.

Today, I have for you something totally new and different -  something I haven't done before, but for a long time I've been thinking how to go about it and create some posts with already made outfits for you guys to have a look at and feel inspired. Because I want to be as helpful as possible, so I came up with idea of this project. So let me start and introduce you to it. 
I called it 'The Styler', in these kind of posts I will create 3 different outfits with the latest trends. I decided it would be a great ideas to start doing these kind of posts and give other people inspirations and ideas of the latest trends, what's new in the shops and how you can wear/style different things. To get a wider variety of different styles I will create different types of outfits for different occasions and different styles, because not everyone is the same and most people like a change from time to time so they can have a look and try other things out too. Sometimes the looks will be more casual, other will be more formal and some a little bit of in between. I think you get the idea :).

As the spring is approaching really fast (even thought it's still winter outside - weather WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?) I decided to create 3 a little bit more cause outfits for warmer days ( I think by now all of you can tell I'm desperate for some sun haha ). These are more chilled and really just about the comfort looks. A simple sweatshirt / tee, pair of jeans, trainers and you're ready to go! Chill with your friends at the beach, in the park, go shopping or for something to eat with your friends. Add some sunnies, your favourite hat/beanie if you like to make it a little bit more you and you're sorted! 

I hope you like this post guys. As I said, I really wanted to try out something different, I would really appreciate if you told me what you think about this kind of posts. Do you think I should make them more often or maybe a should make it a regular thing and start posting them regularly? For example once a week/month? Lemme know in the comments down bellow!

Peace! :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week In Photos No.10


So as you can probably guess from the photographs above I wasn't really up to much this week. Uni and all the assignments are taking up most of my time, so I'm really sorry about the lack of photos and activeness on my blog. I promise once I'm done with all the assignments I will dedicate most of my time to my blog and you all guys! Since I will be done with uni for summer and I'll have 5 months of being lazy, doing nothing and blogging everyday! Woop, woop!

Finally got my Nike Air Forces - LOVE THEM / me being me - bored/vain child / flowers for my mummy for Mother's day / home made strawberry/banana milkshake - YUMMY! 

Hope you all had a good week!

P.S  I'll follow everyone back when I have a little bit more time

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iPhone Case Giveaway WINNER


Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. Today, as promised is the day that I'm going to announce the winner of my recent giveaway on behave of CaseApp. So as you can guess this is what this post is going to about. Therefore get excited :)! Anyway, so let's get down to business, before I announce the winner I would like to  thank everyone who has entered my giveaway, unfortunately there is only ONE WINNER. 


Gabriele from Totally Vogue !



You have a week to get in touch with me. If not, I will have to pick another winner. 

To those who weren't lucky enough don't worry! CaseApp was kind enough to offer my readers a discount code, now you can get 20% DISCOUNT on your own, personalized case
 until March the 30th.
DISCOUT CODE: malefashion

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week In Photos No. 9

Nandos with my best friends / another inspirational quote / orange Wednesdays - tradition / another pair of converse / Starbucks / Saturday night out with friends / jeans, white tee and navy converse / me and the birthday girl / trying to be creativity with my camera. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March'13 Wishlist


Hi everyone, hope you're all good. First of all, I just want to say. Don't you think the time actually flies? I only just remember making my February wishlist and getting all excited about my birthday and now it's been over a month since I turned 19 - it's March! Nearly spring time. One step closer to summer, exciting huh? Can't wait to start wearing all the bright and pastel colours this season. Get my shorts and t-shirts out, put my sunglasses on and chill with my friends at the beach. 

Anyway, let's get down to the business. If you already couldn't tell from the wishlist above and my intro, I'm super excited for summer and most of the things in this wishlist are for warm spring/summer days.

1. Purple and Red T-shirt - TOPMAN (Buy Here)

I am absolutely obsessed with tie-dye right now. Wherever I go and see something with tie-dye I love it.  I would instantly just buy it, it's just so cool and different. That's why the first pick in my March wishlist is this beautiful purple and red tee from TopMan. It's perfect for long, sunny days and it will go with everything. 

2. Denim Shorts - TOPMAN (Buy Here)

Shock! I don't think it's a surprise to anyone who knows me that I love denim. Therefore, as a first pair of shorts for this season I NEED these shorts. They are just so simple and easy to pair up with anything. If it's a simple white tee or a bright, colourful vest it will go perfectly well with these light denim shorts. 

3. Brown Print Sunglesses - River Island (Buy Here)

I seem to lose every pair of sunnies I own every year. I don't even know how it's possible? But at least it's a good excuse to get new ones! These brown sunglasses from River Island will not only look good, but they will also add this retro vibe to your outfit. 

4. Grey Metal Bracelet - River Island (Buy Here)

I don't have a lot of accessories, because I don't really like to wear anything on my hands apart from watches. But when I saw this little silver bracelet I kinda fell in love. Again, it's very simple and chunky which will stand out and mix up your outfit a little bit. 

5. Nike Air Force 1 - Office (Buy Here)

OH MY GOD. Someone please stop me? Look at these beauties? How could anyone say no to them? Forgetting the fact that I'm obsessed with shoes I love these trainers. While everyone is going crazy about Nike Air Max I found my new life in these white Nike Air Force. Perfect for summer, bringing you and your outfit back to the 80's 

6. White Number Print Vest - TOPMAN (Buy Here)

And last but definitely not the least is this cute black and white vest. It's a very baggy vest and also very comfortable. The number print on it also gives it the whole 'Sport' look which seems to be going around right now and everyone is loving. 

So what is your favourite item/s from my wishlist? 
What would you like to get this month? Let me know, I'd love to know!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week In Photos No. 8

by far the best thing I have ever ate - heaven / little snapshot what I was wearing on Tuesday / trip to Glasgow / my friend's 18th birthday - finally! / nike shop in Glasgow is amazing / Alexander McQueen knows best / another photo what I was wearing on Thursday / subway in Glasgow / traditional McDonald's - because why not :).

Also, be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY (Here) :)!