Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Styler #1

Sweatshirt - River Island (Buy Here)
Jeans - River Island (Buy Here)
Converse - Office (Buy Here)

Vest - TopMan (Buy Here)
Joggers - TopMan (Buy Here)
Air Max - Office (Buy Here)

Tee - TopMan (Buy Here)
Jeans - River Island (Buy Here)
Vans - Office (Buy Here)

Holla everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all well.

Today, I have for you something totally new and different -  something I haven't done before, but for a long time I've been thinking how to go about it and create some posts with already made outfits for you guys to have a look at and feel inspired. Because I want to be as helpful as possible, so I came up with idea of this project. So let me start and introduce you to it. 
I called it 'The Styler', in these kind of posts I will create 3 different outfits with the latest trends. I decided it would be a great ideas to start doing these kind of posts and give other people inspirations and ideas of the latest trends, what's new in the shops and how you can wear/style different things. To get a wider variety of different styles I will create different types of outfits for different occasions and different styles, because not everyone is the same and most people like a change from time to time so they can have a look and try other things out too. Sometimes the looks will be more casual, other will be more formal and some a little bit of in between. I think you get the idea :).

As the spring is approaching really fast (even thought it's still winter outside - weather WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?) I decided to create 3 a little bit more cause outfits for warmer days ( I think by now all of you can tell I'm desperate for some sun haha ). These are more chilled and really just about the comfort looks. A simple sweatshirt / tee, pair of jeans, trainers and you're ready to go! Chill with your friends at the beach, in the park, go shopping or for something to eat with your friends. Add some sunnies, your favourite hat/beanie if you like to make it a little bit more you and you're sorted! 

I hope you like this post guys. As I said, I really wanted to try out something different, I would really appreciate if you told me what you think about this kind of posts. Do you think I should make them more often or maybe a should make it a regular thing and start posting them regularly? For example once a week/month? Lemme know in the comments down bellow!

Peace! :)


  1. look 3 - very fine :)

  2. Look one is my fave x

  3. I think these are all really great. Look 2 is fantastic!

  4. I like look 1 and 3 very nice yet simple great post :)

  5. Look 1 <3

  6. great style & great blog :)
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin ?

  7. nice casual looks!

  8. Love looks two and three!

  9. Why don't all the guys dress like you? :D I really like your blog!

    xx Marianne

  10. I agree with Marianne! It's great to see more guys blogging nowadays! :) xx

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  11. Great outfits! I love the pants in look #2.
    You should make these kind of posts more often maybe 2 times a month? It's up to you x

    ♡ E.

  12. Hi dear!
    Nice proposals
    My fav the first one, love converse!

  13. Love all of these looks!! I think air max's look so much better on males! Outfit no.3 is my fave. Also I did a post on the iphone case that I won, check it out. :)

  14. Look one is brilliant. The jeans are awesome x

  15. really digging look 1
    love Vikee

  16. hey! follow back:)

  17. I like look 1, it's simple yet nice on guys :)
    Nice blog by the way and thanks for visiting mine!

  18. Love look 2. There's just something about joggers...