Sunday, April 28, 2013

OOTD / out for my friend's birthday / finally weather is getting better / love denim / night out with my best hen / the only one is uni - soul destroying / Glasgow fun / McDonald's / old photo of me and my friend  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Styler #2


Today I'm back with another 'Styler' post. As a lot of you liked the first one and even some of you got back to me saying that you have tried your hand at making something like that on your blog ( which I thought was really cool ) I decided to continue this series of posts, and today I'm back with a beach edition! These are just a three very chilled and casual looks and something that I would definitely wear in the summer when I'm going to the beach with my friends. Basic tee/vest, shorts, pair of comfy shoes and you're ready to go!

Hope you like what I picked, let me know in the comments down below :)!

T-Shirt - River Island
Swim short - River Island
Toms - Office

Vest - Topman
Short - Topman
Converse - Office

T-Shirt - eBay
Shorts - Topman
Nikes - Office

Wednesday, April 17, 2013



It is probably not a shock to anyone that tie dye is massive this season, wherever you go you see it in every shop. Therefore I decided to do a little DIY myself and try my hand at making some of the t-shirts myself. I have to say it was very fun and interesting experiment and I was really happy with the results. I love the tees, most of the have turned out really well apart from the very last one (blue dip dye one) and to be honest I'm not too sure why it didn't fully dye the material... If any of you would like a little DIY how to make your own tie-dye t-shirts I am more than happy to do so, just let me know in the comments down below and I shall do it for you :). 

For now, I'm leaving you with few photos, I thought instead of showing you each of the t-shirts separately on the hangers - which would be really boring. It would be a really cool idea to take few snaps and show you how the t-shirts turned out on me. Also my new tripod arrived so it was a good time to try it out, haha! I hope you like the photos and hopefully I will be able to take more interesting snaps of my outfits outside and show you the way I style different pieces more often since now I have my tripod :)!

Additionally I decided to add few extra  photos that I took while I was out and about :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week In Photos No. 14


Just really quiet week this week, spent most of it in my bed since I've not been feeling well lately. But I'm blaming the weather for this unnecessary cold! 

Can't start a week without a hot chocolate from Starbucks! / wearing my tie-dye tee I've made myself / trying to stay positive and put a brave face on even when the times are hard / garlic bread is my fave / not feeling well means 'feeling sorry for myself' selfie /  Prieview of my next post :) / love myself some mushroom soup to make me feel better / national siblings day - me and my brother when we were younger / filming - seriously thinking about finally starting my YouTube which I've been thinking about for months. 

Have was your week? I hope you all had a very interesting and exciting one!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

!Mo Camera Strap: Review


Lately I've been kindly gifted by the company called !Mo a new camera strap of my own choice. !Mo stands for In My Way and the company specializes in producing  stylish, trendy, comfortable and high quality camera straps that could match your personality. !Mo offers a wide variety of different styles and designs of straps to make sure all their customers are satisfied with the products they purchase, on their websites you can find every kind of pattern and without a doubt you will something for yourself and will be happy with the result, due to the amount of the variety. Anything from monochrome traps to very live, bright and colorful traps to help match your trap to your personality. 

As soon as I received the product I was really excited to try it out and share with you my experience and without a doubt !Mo haven't disappointed me. They have thought about every single detail to make sure their customers gets the most of the product including a very cute and proseffional presentation of the product. When I opened the packaging my camera strap was carefully packed in a very adorable plastic case which I thought was really practical and thoughtful as it gave me the feeling of the company going an extra mile for their customers and adding their personal touch to the presentation of the product. The packaging is also reusable therefore if you have more than one strap you can easily put it back in the case and keep it there. 

Moving on to the actual product. After using the strap for few weeks I'm extremelly happy with the quality of the product. Being a very passionate person about photography means that I can easily take my camera with me everywhere and use it on daily basis without any troubles. Therefore it's very important for me to have a very strong, prefesionally made and good quality strap that will be able to hold my camera and at the same time be sure to be very comfortable and look cool and trendy. I'm a user of Nikon D90 which is a very big and heavy camera using my previous strap sometimes was really hard to carry it on my neck for a long time as I would get really back neck pains. Due to the good design and quality of the strap my new one from !Mo allows me to wear it on my neck without any problems and neck pains for a lot longer than my previous one. Which is one of the biggest advantages as comfort is very important to me. 

They use 2 different kind of webbing for their straps which are specifically made for different types of cameras. Cotton and leather straps are made with 0.7cm webbing and are specifically made for smaller (digital, mirror-less cameras). Whereas neoprene and jacquard ribbon straps are made with 1.2cm webbing and are made to suit bigger and heavier cameras (DSLR cameras). But the company reassures their customers that any type of the strap is sturdy enough to hold any camera. Another very interesting feature that the company offers is thee 'Quick Release Buckle' that my old strap unfortunately didn't have. Quick Release Buckle allows you to save your time and  adjust them for perfect balance. So, if you use this quick release straps, you can just press on the buckle and change as you like in a second, which is a very helpful feature and helps you to save time.  

The starting price for the straps is $22 which is a little bit pricey for a strap in my opinion so this could be a disadvantage, However you get a free delivery with the product so it kind of balances out since the product is being send out from Hong Kong. Even the price is pretty steep for the product it is definitely worth the price and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one. 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week In Photos No. 13

The amount of Easter eggs I consumed over the week is unbelievable / sun is finally out - love my denim jacket / new display picture and my DIY tie dye shirt - post is coming up soon / me and my best friend were super excited because our teeth were glowing haha / DIY tees photo shoot / new hair cut! Feel super different, not sure if I like it / love taking photos - my photography skills in action / catching up on TOWIE / can't go wrong with Krispy Kreme - felt like I was in heaven. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Passion for Fashion Competition


I know, I know. It's not been that long since my last post and it's not the day I would usual post but IT'S COMPETITION TIME! I found out that MoneySupermarkter is holding a competition coincidentally named like my blog ha, ha! So I thought it would be a great idea to challenge myself and enter the competition. Since I'm pretty new to blogging and I have before entered any competition like that I didn't really know how to go on about it, but I'm really excited to find out what the people from the judging panel think of my style  and if I'm capable of winning any of the categories. 

Let me tell you a little bit more about the competition itself. Everyone who wants to take part in the competition must create three different outfits in different categories. The categories are casual wear, beach wear and party wear, there is no any rules of what you have to pick therefore you're really flexible and  be able to create three different outfits that you would wear and would reflect your personality, outfits must be under £200.  There will be a different winner for each category and the winners will be chosen by the representative judges who are also bloggers. The winner for each category, will win £200 to buy their winning outfit. 

This is what I came up with. I would love to find out what you all think about those outfits and what one is your favorite so feel free to leave a comment down below. And wish me luck :).

Here I went for a bright shirt full of details, patterns are very trendy this season and the bright colours make the shirt stand out, it also adds the 'summer vibe' to the whole outfit in general. I would also pair it with my all time favourite chain bowtie to give it more texture, the dark bowtie would also contrast really nicely with the bright shirt. As I like my outfits more casual I also picked light blue jeans therefore to make the outfit more formal I decided to combine it with a black leather jacket and black shoes toning the whole outfit down and making it more formal. The bracelets would also give the outfit a proper formal finish .


I love comfort and to feel good in what I wear, but at the same time I also want to stay fashionable. That's what I tried to focus on while creating this look. Pattern and comic designs are hitting all the shops on the high streets this season along side with bright, bold and eye-catching beanies. I picked this batman tee from Topman and combined it with the light blue denim look-a-like joggers, to add a little bit more colour and make the outfit brighter I added this bright orange beanie as I think it brightens the whole outfit and makes it more summery. I feel like the bright beanies balances the whole outfit and work really well with the faded design on the t-shirt. For comfort I picked the white vans, vans are probably my most favourite shoes. Since it's a casual outfit I also picked this backpack from River Island as I tried to make it as personal as possible and I always have a bag or a bagpack with me. The gold spikey bracelet is a nice piece of jewellery to finish of this look. 

 For the beach look I went for another big trend this season tie-dye. Tie-dye, dip-dye and oversized vests are one of the biggest trends for spring/summer 2013. Also I love the pastel colours, this vest makes me think of nothing but summer and sunny days at the beach therefore I had to for it. I paired it up with light denim shorts, pair of sunnies, dark necklace and navy Toms which balance out the bold, black and gold snap back. The snap back is the most eye-catching piece for this outfit. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April'13 Wishlist

Holla! How are y'all doing? It's the time of the month again for yet another wishlist! Wooohoo! Don't you just love wishlists? Maybe it's just me, but whenever I make one I feel like I set myself a goal to achieve and I always let myself go craaaazy and I drift away in my dreams wishing I could buy all the things I want to buy. Ah, I wish we had unlimited amounts of money, everything would be so much easier huh?  
Anyway,  so as you can see above are some items I would like to purchase this month, kinda hoping the weather will get better as well, because I am absolutely sick of the cold. For the past few months when I've been making my wishlist I have been trying to make them more summery hoping that it will finally will get warmer. And even though it doesn't look like it I have once again created another wishlist aimed at the warmer day which I hope will come soon enough! 

1. Black BOY Beanie - eBay (Buy Here)

Lately I fell into the habit of wearing beanies, as they are such an easy way forward. Especially during the week when I'm in uni and I don't have time in the morning or I'm just too lazy to do my hair. I just put on a beanie and the problem is solved, plus it keeps me warm during this horrible weather. Beanies are massive this season and they will be a must have for everyone in the summer. 

2. Tie-dye Sweatshirt - Topman (Buy Here)

Another huge trend right now, as I mentioned in my Spring/Summer trends post. Everywhere you go you see tie-dye and dip-dye in all the different shapes and forms. It's such a cool way to twist and brightening up your outfit. You can also try it out yourself and do a little DIY transforming some of your old tops into a cool  and trendy pieces. (Watch out for my up coming post telling you how to do it). 

3. Sekonda Gold Watch - ASOS (Buy Here)

Oooooh my God! How cool is this watch? I normally wouldn't go for anything so bright, bold and out there, but for some reason I fell in love with this watch and I basically need it. I just feel like it will go well with everything you want to wear and will definitely make your outfit more exciting.

4. Blue Aqua Swim Shorts - River Island (Buy Here

One of many items to add to my summer collection awaiting to be finally worn once it'll get warmer. These are just a very simple, very light blue swimming shorts. I thought I would add them to my collection as I need some swimming shorts for summer and I really liked the colour... Is that a good enough excuse? haha

5. Black Retro Sunglasses - River Island (Buy Here)

I kinda fell in love with the retro sunglasses, having the brown pair already I decided I should also get the black ones, simply because I love them. 

6. Black Studded Cross Vest - River Island (Buy Here)

Black and white are currently taking over the streets everywhere. I personally don't have a lot of black clothing, looking at this vest I thought it would be a really cool piece to style and there is a lot of things I could wear with it. I also feel like black will always be in therefore buying black clothes is an investment that will last you for a long time. 

These are my picks for this months, what one is your favourite? What would you like to spoil yourself with this month?