Wednesday, April 10, 2013

!Mo Camera Strap: Review


Lately I've been kindly gifted by the company called !Mo a new camera strap of my own choice. !Mo stands for In My Way and the company specializes in producing  stylish, trendy, comfortable and high quality camera straps that could match your personality. !Mo offers a wide variety of different styles and designs of straps to make sure all their customers are satisfied with the products they purchase, on their websites you can find every kind of pattern and without a doubt you will something for yourself and will be happy with the result, due to the amount of the variety. Anything from monochrome traps to very live, bright and colorful traps to help match your trap to your personality. 

As soon as I received the product I was really excited to try it out and share with you my experience and without a doubt !Mo haven't disappointed me. They have thought about every single detail to make sure their customers gets the most of the product including a very cute and proseffional presentation of the product. When I opened the packaging my camera strap was carefully packed in a very adorable plastic case which I thought was really practical and thoughtful as it gave me the feeling of the company going an extra mile for their customers and adding their personal touch to the presentation of the product. The packaging is also reusable therefore if you have more than one strap you can easily put it back in the case and keep it there. 

Moving on to the actual product. After using the strap for few weeks I'm extremelly happy with the quality of the product. Being a very passionate person about photography means that I can easily take my camera with me everywhere and use it on daily basis without any troubles. Therefore it's very important for me to have a very strong, prefesionally made and good quality strap that will be able to hold my camera and at the same time be sure to be very comfortable and look cool and trendy. I'm a user of Nikon D90 which is a very big and heavy camera using my previous strap sometimes was really hard to carry it on my neck for a long time as I would get really back neck pains. Due to the good design and quality of the strap my new one from !Mo allows me to wear it on my neck without any problems and neck pains for a lot longer than my previous one. Which is one of the biggest advantages as comfort is very important to me. 

They use 2 different kind of webbing for their straps which are specifically made for different types of cameras. Cotton and leather straps are made with 0.7cm webbing and are specifically made for smaller (digital, mirror-less cameras). Whereas neoprene and jacquard ribbon straps are made with 1.2cm webbing and are made to suit bigger and heavier cameras (DSLR cameras). But the company reassures their customers that any type of the strap is sturdy enough to hold any camera. Another very interesting feature that the company offers is thee 'Quick Release Buckle' that my old strap unfortunately didn't have. Quick Release Buckle allows you to save your time and  adjust them for perfect balance. So, if you use this quick release straps, you can just press on the buckle and change as you like in a second, which is a very helpful feature and helps you to save time.  

The starting price for the straps is $22 which is a little bit pricey for a strap in my opinion so this could be a disadvantage, However you get a free delivery with the product so it kind of balances out since the product is being send out from Hong Kong. Even the price is pretty steep for the product it is definitely worth the price and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one. 



  1. It looks great, love the brown leather and stripe combo.

  2. It looks like it'll definately be worth the money!

  3. Great post! I use a canon and actually received it from Hong Kong haha so may look into this strap as I actually just bought a new lens yesterday and other things to kit it out as I do lots of freelance photography mostly nature :) the strap looks very sturdy and nice materials love it x

  4. Love it! Looks so stylish :)

  5. These sound great for the fashionable ones ;). Nice review :).

  6. Such a cool strap, but you're right it is pretty pricey

    A little bit Unique


  7. lovely post dear
    love Vikee

  8. Such a cute strap! I need to get my camera all jazzed out like this :)

    Trendy Teal

  9. Great review..I actually think it´s priced ok given the product actually has good quality..

  10. what a nice camera strap, anyway thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Such a lovely strap and I wouldn't mind paying that amount for it as long as it makes my camera look snazzy, hee!

    Thank you for following me and I have followed you back. :)


  12. Great idea, an odd thing to say - but I love the packaging!
    Also wanted to say I did my own version of the styler post you did a few weeks back and even gave you a little mention, keep it up!


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