Monday, December 17, 2012

Favourite shops

Holla everyone!

We all have those shops that we absolutely love and could live in and the one that we try to avoid. So I thought I'd share with you the ones I like myself. The ones that are relevantly cheap to suit every pocket rather than the high end, pricey shops.As well as the ones I can always rely on and where I always find something for myself if I have/want to and they don't disappoint me. As most you have probably already noticed that I am an absolute fashion freak and I visit a lot of shops. Most of the shops I visit tend to be a fashion retailers you will find in your city on every high street (if you're from UK).

1. Number one and my all time favourite is River Island - one of the most successful companies on the High Street with nearly 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Also known for its stylish and affordable fashion clothes for women, men and children and the unique touches they bring to their collections. Which makes the company standout from the rest of the High Street retailers. The only down side is that they don't do student discount.

2. The second, really trendy and fashionable shop is Top Man - company's main product offerings are fashionable men's clothing, covering everything from men's formal suits to informal indie-rock-influenced casual-styling ranges, along with footwear and fashion accessories.


3. Third shop which I can always rely on is Republic - The company is positioned in the mass sector of the clothing market, and has a focus on young fashion. They stock lines from casual brands as well as their own brands.


4. Forth shop, where I don't shop as often and as much as I used to but where I can always go and still find the basic products which I need is H&M - is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company,which exists in 43 countries. Known for its fast - fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children.

There is obviously a lot more shops where I shops and buy clothes from, but these are definitely the main ones you can check out their websites and hopefully find something for yourselves too. Hopefully this also gives you idea what kind of clothes I buy and wear.

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