Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Introduction Time.


I'm 18 years old boy from Scotland studying business management. I am very passionate about fashion, photography and music. I just can't imagine my life without those things. Fashion helps us identify ourselves, be who we are and lets us be individual, recognizable and different.
This blog will mostly be about fashion and men's health and general help and advice. 
I decided to start blogging, because one day I was searching for some advice and I really struggled as there is not many guy blogging about fashion and stuff. So I thought I will start sharing with people what I know. Things are changing and everyone wants to be trendy these days and a lot of men are not confident or struggle with fashion. Therefore my mission is try and help them out.
Hopefully everyone will find here something for themselves and you'll find this blog interesting and helpful in some ways.

P.S This is my very first attempt at doing something like this. I hope that everyone can bare with me and help me throughout this 'journey'. If anyone has any questions etc. please comment down below :).

That's it for now.
Peace out :)

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  1. Well, basically you are so new into this blog stuff, just keep on doing what you love.
    Reviews are great, do it regularly and if you need a lot of helpful blogging tips, join Independent Fashion Blogger and apply some of their tips to your blogging life, well good luck ;)