Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short review

Hi peeps!

Okay, so to get this blog started I thought I'd do a quick review on some things I got lately and I really like.

I bought myself a pair of jeans (kinda wash out look) from Zara. Which are really, really nice. I wear them all the time and they are definitely my favorite jeans right now. They were also really cheap, only £25.99 which is an amazing price for Zara jeans considering their jeans are normally around £45. They are also amazing quality.

Another thing I got quiet recently is a blue dip-died sweatshirt from Primark which goes through different colours of blue from very dark at the top to light blue at the bottom which I think is really cool. I get a lot of people asking me all the time where I got it from. Everyone just loves it. Because I got it few months ago I can't remember the exact price for it, but I don't think it was over £15 which is reasonable for Primark. As you wouldn't expect really high prices in there. Even though its a really cool and unusual sweatshirt (I haven't seen any like that in other shops) it's quality is a bit poor, but I still really like it.

And the last thing on my favorites list in this post is another sweatshirt. This one I got on sale from New Look and it was only £10. As soon as I saw it I loved it and I just had to get it. Its just amazing. It's really dark, navy color with bright patches on shoulders and elbows with really cool unusual patter. As I said it's just amazing and I love it. I'm attaching a photo of the jeans and the two sweatshirt down below so you can have a wee look.

That's it for now guys. I will do another review really soon of other things I got. But now till later...

See you soon :).

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