Monday, January 14, 2013

January'13 Wishlist

1. White Star Print Short Sleeve Shirt, £25 (Buy Here).
I was walking past River Island the other day and me being me I had to go in. And as tempting as it was, I didn't allow myself to buy this shirt just yet. However after my January payday this will be one of my first purchases. I actually love this shirt, I don't have a lot of white as well as short sleeve shirts and this one is just perfect. It's just a nice little simple shirt for a party that will give you a bit of a casual and formal look at the same time, if you don't like a proper formal look. I think it will go really nice with black jeans and a leather jacket. Which will give you that 'rocky' look.

2. Navy and White Pattern Beanie, £12 (Buy Here).
Another beanie to add to my collection. It's really cold outside to you gotta keep your head warm, right? This beanie will go well with basically everything, denim or even a leather jacket. 

3. Black XS L'exces, £39.99 (Buy Here).
I absolutely love Paco Rabanne 1Million for men. Lately I came across this new fragrance by them,  Black XS L'exces and I decided it's time to try it out. Plus it's time to start using something new since I've been wearing 1 Million for nearly over a year, everyday so I'm starting to get a little bit sick of it. 

4. Light Blue Skinny Jeans, £25 (Buy Here).
Surprise, surprise! Another pair of jeans, but you can never have too many jeans. Can you? I already had a pair of really similar jeans from Zara, but they are a bit different shade and a slim cut. Right now I'm on a look out for light blue skinny jeans and these fit all the boxes. I have a pair of this kid of jeans from River Island already just in black and I am really happy with them, so I hope these ones wont disappoint me too. 

5. Aztec Print Onesie, £50 (Buy Here).
Believe it or not I still don't own a onesie. Everyone has been telling me how comfy and amazing they are, but I just didn't come across the one that I actually liked. And I'm not that kind of person to buy something for the sake of it. So I decided to firstly find the one I like. Not going to lie, it did take me a bit of time to find one that I actually liked, but at least I found it at the end. Can't wait to jump and relax in it with a cup of hot chocolate!

6. Nike Air Max, £91.99 (Buy Here).
You can't have a wishlist without a pair of shoes! So there they are, does absolutely beautiful Nike Air Max. There is so many different ones that I couldn't decide between, but I decided to settle on this pair. Simply, because they will go with everything, blue or black. 

7. Black Strap Neck Leather Jacket, £150 (Buy Here).
This stunning black leather jacket is just perfect. You can just put it on, on top of a t-shirt or a hoodie and you're ready to go. Again, because it's black it will go with everything really. Plus it allows you to play about with it and gives you so many different options. Can't wait to have it.

8. Oyster, 36mm, Yellow Gold Rolex Watch, (Buy Here).
I already have one of the Rolex watches, which I got for my 18th birthday and I am in love with it. Therefore I decided to purchase another one. Gold one this time (the one I got for my birthday is a silver one). So this one will for sure be a little bit of a change. Nice little watch to put on when you're away for a meal, party. Everything looks better if you have a watch on :).


  1. Very nice wishlist! My boyfriend could use al of this too!
    I love it when boys blog about fashion! Want to start following each other? Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey! Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate it.
      I followed your blog :)

  2. Your blog is amazing! I'm following you...

    1. Thank you! Really means a lot.
      I love your blog too, also following you!

  3. Thanks for ur comment. I really like ur blog, it's always nice to visit male blog. I just don't understand why you have just 2 followers (now 3). Keep posting :)

  4. We love men´s fahion!!!!!! And not everybody gives it the importance that it needs! We´re working on a post about male fashion trends that are gonna hit hard in the next few months and we´ve done one about what we´ve seen in this men fashion week. Let´s talk about men´s fashion, people!! hahah

    Love your blog! Stop by our blog and, if you like it, may be we can follow each other...

  5. love this, the white shirt is lush.
    great blog. now following and looking forward to more posts :)

  6. I know this if for a guy, but I want that onesie so bad. I'm gonna get it for my boyfriend if I can find it in the states. Will he wear it I don't know but I'll make him :) hahaha

  7. Awww love your style too! I'm a bit crap with doing posts maaaan! Only now getting hang of it they all over the place! Thanks for your comment xxx:)

  8. Hey David,

    Fabulous wish list!