Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zayn Malik Hairstyle Tutorial


Today I thought I will do something different and something I haven't done yet, a hair tutorial!
I decided to do the hair tutorial based on Zayn Malik's hair style, simply because my hair cut is really similar to his. The only difference is that my hair are just a little bit longer at the sides than his.

To achieve this hair style you will need is a
- Tail comb
- Brush
- Hair Dryer
- Hair Spray
- Texturising Gum 

Step 1.
Once you wash your hair using your usual products dry it a little bit with a towel, but not too much leaving it mid dry. At this stage divide your hair into two different parts ( as shown down below ).

Step 2.
When your hair is divided, start drying it with a hair dryer ( make sure to use a heat protection before so you don't damage your hair ). When you're drying your hair try to keep it in two different parts. The best way to do it is to try and holding the hair with a comb and dry the sides first. Once your sides are dry, start drying the top and your fringe by trying to form it up wards. Using a brush, comb or your hands to slightly curl the fringe to the back to achieve this look.

Step 3.
When your hair are dry and you're happy with the result apply hair spray to keep your hair in the same place so you don't lose what you have already achieved. 
Once you applied the hair spray wait few minutes till the hair are dry again or use a hair dryer to speed up the process. When your hair are dry get about two fingers of texturising gum and start rubbing it in your hair forming it upwards and to the back giving it some shape and texture.

Step 4.
Once you're finished applying the texturing gum apply some more hair spray to make sure everything stays at the same place and you're done :).


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  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, I'm loving the look of your blog. This is a great tutorial, you have a good photo - text ratio, great look too! keep up to great work sweetie, followed x

  3. Haha I LOOOOOOOVE ZAYN and his hair! I like this post even though I'm a girl with waist length hair so would never need to use these tips but your blog certainly has unique USP for guys looking for style info etc because I've never seen a blog like this before! :) keep it up!

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  5. Great tutorial, love the products, they're also on offer at Superdrug atm!


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  7. Thanks! I'm trying to get a directioner to fall for me... Again!
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