Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hey y'all!

Oh my goshhhhh! It's been a loooong time since I could just sit down, relax, enjoy my life and focus on what I enjoy doing the most (which is obviously blogging and watching YouTube videos). Yup, so first year of university is over... scary right? I remember like it was yesterday starting uni and now the first year came to an end. I don't know how I really feel about uni anymore. I'm not sure if it's for me and if I like my course (Meeh!). But anyways, lets not talk about it, because it's all boring stuff. 

Right now my I'm dedicating myself to blogging, I have 5 months, 5 MONTHS of Summer holidays OH EM GEE. I don't even KNOOOOOOOW what I'm going to do with all the spare time. I obviously have few holidays planned etc. but apart from that I'll just be blogging, blogging and blogging. I always think about my blog, what I can do to make it a little bit different and just in general more exciting. Because I want you guys to enjoy what I do as much as I enjoy doing it, so I always try to improve and give it 100%. Therefore I have already planned few things for my blog. I'd like to try and take more photos of the outfits of the day and show you guys more photos how I style and wear different thing. Right now I don't feel like I've been doing it enough. Simply because I don't really have where to take the photos or anyone to take the photos for me. I love photography and I've been trying to take photos using tripod but to take good photographs on a tripod is possibly IMPOSSIBLE MAN and as you know I like to do my best in everything that I do, therefor I want my photos to look good. So I'm not sure how I'm going to resolve this problem but hopefully I will come up with something!

Also, lately I have been thinking a lot about starting a YouTube channel. WAAH! I love watching videos on YouTube. This is literally what I do everyday, no a day goes by without me watching  video. And I always had in mind starting a YouTube channel, I just didn't know what I'm going to be ready for it. I feel like videos are a lot more personal than blogs. Don't get me wrong I love blogging and I will continue to blog, I just find videos a lot more personal and interesting. You get the chance to see the person, you get to know them a lot better, you can see their personality... ah I just love it. It's so cool. But I'm not sure if I'm ready. I don't know why, but I'm too scared of what other people will think of me, everyone these days is so opinionated and it's something I really don't like and something I'm afraid of. I also don't have the right equipment, I do have a good camera but I need to get a Mac Book to edit the videos, because if I'm going to make videos I want them to be good! So hopefully this or next week I will have my Mac Book and I can start shooting my videos. 

This is it for today people. I'm really sorry, this is a really long and boring post. Most of you probably won't bother reading it, but I just felt like because of uni I wasn't able to dedicate enough of my time to my blog I just felt like updating you on few things. So yeah, I hope you're all well and I watch out for a new - fashion related post tomorrow!!

Me being me - super cheese ball, because exams are over. 


  1. Yay do a YouTube channel xx


  2. I really love watching youtube videos aswell! I'll support you if you choose to start ^_^ Just make sure your videos are unique and that you are comfortable making them and can stand for what you are doing!
    Maria xx

    1. Ahaha yeah. Weird but also a bit creepy...! x

  3. It's great that you are so excited for your holidays! I'm glad that your year of school went well!

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  10. You should totally start a YouTube channel - from your photographs and writing alone you have such an awesome amount of energy and personality...it would be awesome to see it come alive on YouTube! :)

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  13. deffo start a youtube channel that would be so cool! people may hate because your doing something that takes a lot a of balls and confidence but you'll also have some great supporters.. like me! :D